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The Art of Casting in Iron

Simpson Bolland

First published in 1893, The Art of Casting in Iron has since made its mark in the field of blacksmithing, offering handymen everything they need to know to make appliances, chains, and statues and repair broken castings the old-fashioned way.

From founding statues and the art of taking casts to pattern modeling and sectional molding, this practical guidebook provides all of the need-to-know basics and more. Included in this book is information on:


• The measurement of castings • Pouring and feeding • Gear molding machines
• Foundry equipment and appliances • Mixing cast iron • Burning, chilling, and softening • And more

With simple, easy-to-understand instructions and detailed formulas, tables, and illustrations, The Art of Casting in Iron guides the reader step-by-step through the iron casting process, making it the perfect companion for novice metal founders and industry professionals alike.

400 pages, Paperback, B&W, 5.75" x 9", 2011
Order Number: SJ248...........$12.95
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