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Julius Schramm
Julius Schramm was one of pre-war Germany’s great artist-blacksmiths who
not only let his art speak for his ideals, but who shared his ideals out of concern
for the craft. For two years Francis Whitaker was an apprentice in Schramm's shop and was later responsible for having these fascinating stories translated. These books provide us with the philosophy of his craft, sharing the integrity and enthusiasm that he had for his work at the forge.

The Artist-Blacksmith's Craft
This is a book for those who seek to understand a man of ideals and ideas, from whom we all can learn. Whitaker reviewed the final translations and provided a foreword for this edition. Translated by Robert A. Ruhloff, he says, "Schramm's words in The Artist- Blacksmith's Craft speak to blacksmiths today with just as much importance as they did when he wrote them, at the age of seventy.”
64 pages, Paperback, B&W, 2012
Order Number: AP-SJ268.....$12.95

My Life as Artist-Blacksmith
Published in 1941, this is the literary legacy of Julius Schramm offers a strong encouragement for renewal here in the United States just as he did during his day in Germany. Whitaker proudly carried on this tradition of blacksmithing and provided the final words on the contributions made by Julius Schramm: “We all took great pains to satisfy the master and in return had our own satisfaction in doing a fine job. A year with Yellin, two years with Schramm, set the pattern for the rest of my life…The pursuit of perfection.”
104 pages, Paperback, B&W, 2012
Order Number: AP-SJ275......$18.95

Julius Schramm

A small booklet of Schramm's essay on the artist-blacksmith's craft and his faithful adherence to techniques that exploit and express the natural qualities of forged iron. More than a dozen photos illustrate both Schramm's notion of a disciplined approach that derives from ancient tradition and his own innovations within that tradition.
24 pages, Paperback, B&W, 1996
Order Number: AP-SJ122......$8.50

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