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Listed below, in alphabetical order, are all the books available from Astragal Press. Click on a title for more information about the book. Or you may SEARCH for a book title. Please check out our SALE BOOKS and our SPECIAL SETS. Books followed by an asterisk (*) are available at dealer discount prices from Astragal Press.


40 Power Tools You Can Make
$50 Knife Shop
101 Knife Designs

Advertising Openers
A.H. Shipman Bracket Saw Co. 1881*
Albert Paley: Portals & Gates*
Alternative Kilns
American Antique Weather Vanes
American Axes

American Builder's Companion
Am. Cooperage Machinery & Tools*
Am. Foot Power & Hand Power Mach.
American Lathe Builders*
American Levels and Their Makers*
American Level Patents*
American Machinist's Tools*
American Marking Gages*
American Milling Machine Builders*
American Patented Brace 1829-1924*
American Pewterer,The*
Am. Planer, Shaper, Slotter Builders*
American Steam Engine Builders*
American Wrench Makers*
Ancient Carpenter Tools
Antique American Steam Gauge*

Antique Iron
Antique Mining Equipment
Antique Woodworking Tools
Anvils in America
Architectural Ironwork
Art of Basketry
Art of Blacksmithing
Art of Coppersmithing*
Art of the Edge Tool
Art of the Heart
Art of Mitring & Carpentry and Joinery
for Amateurs
Art of Splitting Stone
Art of Whittling
Artist Blacksmith
Artist-Blacksmith's Craft
Artistry in Iron
Astragal Press T-shirt
Ax Book, The
Axe and Man*

Backyard Beekeeper's Honey Handbook
Backyard Lumberjack
Backyard Sugarin'
Barbed Wire
Barbs, Prongs, Points, Prickers...
Barns and Outbuildings
Barns: A Close-Up Look
Backyard Blacksmith
Backyard Foundry

Backyard Homestead Book of Building Projects
, The
Basic Carpentry & Interior Design
Basic Lathework
Berger Handbook 1900*
Big Book of Wooden Locks

Bird-Friendly Nest Boxes & Feeders
Blacksmith, The

Blacksmithing Primer, 2nd Ed.*
Blacksmithing Projects
Blacksmithing Techniques
Bladesmithing with Murray Carter
Book of Basic Machines
Book of Old-Time Trades and Tools
Boone Blacksmithing Legacy*
Boone Wrought Iron Works
Bridgeport Hardware Manufacturing Corporation Catalogue
Brazing and Soldering
British Planemakers From 1700, 2E*
British Saw and Saw Makers from 1660
British Saws: A History & Collector's Guide
Broommaking for the Blacksmith
Brown & Sharpe Catalog Collection
Buck Brothers 1890 Catalog*
Bugs and Birds - DVD*
Building Dry-Stack Stone Walls

Building With Stone


Calculating on Slide Rule and Disk*
Carriage & Wagon Axles for Horse Drawn Vehicles*
Carriage & Wagon Makers' Machinery
& Tools
Carriage Trimmers Manual*
Casting in Iron, The Art of

Chair Caining
Challenge of the Prairie
Chapin Stephens 1914 Catalog*
Chasing and Repousse
Christopher Gabriel & the Tool Trade
in 18th Century London
Chronicle of EAIA Vol. 1-60 DVD*
Civil War Woodworking Vol. I & II
Classic American Locomotives

Classic Lanterns
Classic Period of Am. Toolmaking

Clock Repairing as a Hobby

Coachmakers Illustrated Hand-Book*
Collecting Antique Tools*
Collecting Tech*

Colonial Craftsmen
Colonial Silversmith*
Colonial Wrought Iron *
Compass Chronicles

Complete Dovetail
Complete Cabinet Maker's Reference
Complete Metalsmith
Construction & Principle Uses of Mathematical Instruments*
Contemporary Blacksmith
Cooper and His Trade, The
Creative Blacksmithing
Creative Metal Forming
Crushed Metal Cuff and Hydraulic Press
Cyril Colnik: Man of Iron

Damascus Steel
Decorative Antique Ironwork
Decorative Architectural Ironwork
Decorative Knots
Decorative & Sculptural Ironwork
Designing &Building Minature Areo-Engine
Dictionary of American Hand Tools

Dictionary of Leather Working Tools*
Dictionary of Woodworking Tools*
Direct Metal Sculpture
Directory of Am. Toolmakers CD-ROM *
Diving Tools & Techniques
Dover Stamping Co. 1869*
Driving Horses

Driving Horse-Drawn Carriages

Early Am. Copper, Tin & Brass*
Early European Decorated Tools
Early Logging Tools

Engine's Moan, The*
Essential Guide to the Steel Square
Everyday Artifacts

Farm Blacksmithing
Farm Conveniences
Farm Mechanics
Fasc. World of Early Tools & Trades*

Field Guide to the Makers of Am Wooden Planes*
Fifty Years a Planemaker & User

Fireplace Accessories
Fly Press with John - DVD*

Forged Animal Heads - DVD*
Forge Wire Cages and Other 3D Forms for Jewelry
Forging a Compass - DVD
Forging a Custom Hinge -DVD
Forging an Iron Chest Lock - DVD
Forging a Socket Chisel- DVD
Forging a Striking Knife -DVD
Forging Basics -DVD
Forging Damascus Steel Knives for Beginners
Forging Japanese Knives for Beginners
From Fire to Form
From Forge and Anvil*

Gas Burners for Forages,
Furnaces, & Kilns*

Golden Age of Ironwork*
Great American Railroad Stories
Greenfield Tool Co. 1872*

Grimshaw on Saws*
Gruber Wagon Works
Guide To Makers of Am. Wood Planes*
Gurley Manual 1874*

H.Chapin 1859 Catalog*
Hammered Copper
Handbook for Ironmongers
Hand Planes for the Modern Shop
Handsaw Catalog Collection*
Handy Farm Devices
Henry Disston & Sons Handbook*
History of Old Time Implement Cos. &
the Wrenches They Issued Vol. I, II, III

History of the First Locomotives in Am.
History of The Logarithmic Slide Rule*
History on the Road
Holtzapffel Vol. I*, II*, III*, V
Home Cheese Making
Homeowner's Complete Guide Chainsaw

Homemade Contrivances
Horse-Drawn Days
Horse-Drawn Funeral Vehicles
Horse-Drawn Military, Civilian, Veterinary Ambulance
Horse Drawn Sleighs, 2nd Edition*
Hot Tips for teh Blacksmith (DVD)
Houses of St. Augustine
How to Build Animal Housing

How to Cast Metal & Rubber Parts
How to Make a Coopered Wdn Bucket*
How to Swing a Hammer Like a Girl (DVD)
Hydraulic Forging Press for the Blacksmith

Iron Menagerie*

Ironwork Today 1, 2, 3, & 4
Ironwork: Dynamic Details

John Deere Buggies and Wagons
John S. Fray Company 1911 Catalogue

Joseph Breck & Sons' Illustrated Spring Catalogue

A Journey into Florida Railroad History
Julius Schramm*

Kitchen Collectibles*
Knife Mechanisms: just for the Fun of it!*

Last Train to Paradise
Leather Braiding
Leaves & Flowers - DVD
Legacy Jewelry Techniques of West Africa

Living Crafts, Historic Tools

Lockback Folding Knife
Low-Cost Pole Building Construction

Made By Hand
Making a Copper Weathervane

Making Full Tang Knives for Beginners
Making Hidden Tang Knives
Making Integral Knives
Making Leather Knife Sheaths
Making Leather Knife Sheaths Vol. 2
Making Leather Knife Sheaths Vol. 3
Making Wood Tools
Making Tongs with Bill Epps - DVD*
Making Traditional Wooden Planes

Mastering Hand Tool Tech.
Mastermyr Find, The*
Measuring, Marking, and Layout
Mechanical Appliances...
Metal Lathe
Metal Projects
Metal Techniques for Craftsmen
Metal Working
Metalsmith's Book of Boxes & Lockets
Metalsmith Essentials: Master the Jeweler's Saw
Metalworker's Workshop

Mind & Hand
Mid-Victorian Elwell Catalogue*
Millers Falls 1887 Catalog
Milling Machine
Model Engine-Making
Modern Steam Engines
Mokume gane Jewelry: Make a Bracelet
Mokume gane Jewelry: Make a Pillow Pendant
More Makers of Am. Machinists' Tools*
Motorcycles, Planes, & Revolutions
Mousehole Forge
Mr.Marquois's Most Useful Pair of Scales
Museum of Early American Tools
My Life As Artist-Blacksmith

New Directions in Punched Metal Jewelry

New Edge of the Anvil*
Norris Metal Planes

On Body and Soul
Old-Fashioned Toolmaking

Ore to Axe DVD
Ornamental Turning*

Pattern Book of Tools & Hshld Goods*
Pattern Makers Assistant*
Passion and Power
Paul Kebabian
Peck Stow & Wilcox Centennial*
Pioneer Plowmaker*
Plain and Ornamental Forging*
Plane Talk
Planer Truth*
Planning Project Construction

Pocket-Knife Making for Beginners
Pocket-Watch Slide Rules
Point of it All, The
Pedro S. de Movellan: Complete Works

Pole Building Projects

Practical Blacksmithing, Part 1* & 2*
Practical Carriage Building*
Practical Carriage & Wagon Painting*
Practical Casting
Practical Knots & Ropework
Prairie Lightning
Precision Handcutting of Dovetails
Preston 1909 Catalog*
Price Guide to Antique Tools, 4E*
Prices Realized on Rare
Imprinted American Wooden Planes
Professional Smithing*

Point Of It All, The

Puzzle Projects for Woodworkers

Railroad History on Am. Postage Stamps*

Ready, Set, Weld!
Rebuilding the Little Giant Hammer
Record Tools*
Reinventing the Chicken Coop

Restoring Antique Tools*
Ridiculously Simple Furniture Projects
River of Conflict, River of Dreams

Root Cellars in America
Roy Visits Colonial Williamsburg DVD
The Rule Book*
Russell Jennings Manuf. Co. Catalog*

Samuel Yellin: Metalworker *
Sandusky Tools 1877 Catalog*
Sandusky Tools 1925 Catalog*
Sculpting Traditional Bowls
Self-Sufficiency Handbook
Shirt, Astragal Press
Sheet Metal Skills
Sheet Metal Work
Skills of a Blacksmith
Sledges & Wheeled Vehicles*

Slide Rule: Simplified, Explained...*
Slide Rules: A Journey...*
Slide Rules: Their History...*

Smithing with the Handheld Pneumatic Hammer*
The Soul of a Tree

A Source Book for Rule Collectors
Splicing Wire & Fiber Rope
Stanley Catalog Collection*
Stanley Combination Plane*
Stanley Woodworking Tools
Steel- Toolmaking Strategies & Techs.
Storey's Basic Country Skills

Tales from the Blue Ox*
This Was Logging
This Was Sawmilling
Tinsmith's Helper & Pattern Book*
Tool Chest of Benjamin Seaton*
Tool Tales*

Tools: A Guide for Collectors
Tools Teach
Tools That Built America
Town-Country Old Tools
Tracking and Reading Sign
A Treatise of Mathematical Instruments

Turn-of-the-Century Farm Tools
Turning Lathes*

Ult. Guide to Home Butchering
Useful Machine Shop Tools to Make

Universe of Metal Sculpture
The Village Carpenter

Vintage Woodworking Machinery*

Wagon-Making in the United States
Weapons of Warriors
Weekend Woodturning Projects
Whips and Whipmaking
Wild & Wacky Birdhouses & Feeders

Wood Identification & Use
Woodcarving Magic
Wooden Plane*
Wooden Plow Planes*

Woodwork Joints
Woodworkers Guide to Handplanes
Woodwright's Companion
Woodwright's Guide
Woodwright's Shop
Woodwright's Workbook

Working Drawings of Horse Drawn Vehicles

Working with Hand Tools

Yesterday's Farm Tools & Equipment  
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