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Listed below, in alphabetical order, are all the books available from Astragal Press. Click on a title for more information about the book. Or you may SEARCH for a book title. Please check out our SALE BOOKS and our SPECIAL SETS. Books followed by an asterisk (*) are available at dealer discount prices from Astragal Press.


40 Power Tools You Can Make
$50 Knife Shop
101 Knife Designs
500 Knives

A.H. Shipman Bracket Saw Co. 1881*
Albert Paley: Portals & Gates*
American Axes
American Builder's Companion
Am. Cooperage Machinery & Tools*
Am. Foot Power & Hand Power Mach.
American Lathe Builders*
American Levels and Their Makers*
American Level Patents*
American Machinist's Tools*
American Marking Gages*
American Milling Machine Builders*
American Patented Brace 1829-1924*
American Pewterer,The*
Am. Planer, Shaper, Slotter Builders*
American Railway
American Steam Engine Builders*
American Wrench Makers*
Antique American Steam Gauge*

Antique Iron
Antique Woodworking Tools
Anvils in America
Architectural Ironwork
Art Deco Ironwork and Sculpture
Art Forms in the Plant World
Art Nouveau Ironwork
Art of Basketry
Art of Blacksmithing
Art of Coppersmithing*
Art of the Edge Tool
Art of Splitting Stone
Art of Whittling
Artist Blacksmith
Artist-Blacksmith's Craft
Artistry in Iron
Astragal Press T-shirt
Ax Book, The
Axe and Man*

Backyard Lumberjack
Backyard Sugarin'
Barbed Wire
Barbs, Prongs, Points, Prickers, Sticker
Barns: A Close-Up Look
Barns & Outbuildings
Barnyard in Your Backyard
Basements & Drywall
Basic Carpentry & Interior Design
Basic Lathework
Berger Handbook 1900*
Bird-Friendly Nest Boxes & Feeders
Blacksmith, The
Blacksmithing: Basics for the Homestead
Blacksmithing Primer, 2nd Ed.*

Blacksmithing Projects
Blacksmith's Craft
Blade's Guide to Making Knives
Bladesmithing with Murray Carter
Book of Basic Machines
Book of Old-Time Trades and Tools
Boone Blacksmithing Legacy*
Boone Wrought Iron Works
Brief History of The Age of Steam
British Planemakers From 1700, 2E*
Brown & Sharpe Catalog Collection*
Buck Brothers 1890 Catalog*
Building Dry-Stack Stone Walls
Building Simple Furniture
Building With Stone


Calculating on Slide Rule and Disk*
Carpenter's Life as Told by Houses
Carriage & Wagon Axles for Horse Drawn Vehicles*
Carriage & Wagon Makers' Machinery
& Tools
Carriage Trimmers Manual*
Casting in Iron, The Art of
Ceramic Tile
Chair Caining
Challenge of the Prairie
Chapin Stephens 1914 Catalog*
Chasing and Repousse
Christopher Gabriel & the Tool Trade
in 18th Century London
Chronicle of EAIA Vol. 1-60 DVD*
Civil War Woodworking
Classic American Locomotives
Classic American Railroads
Classic French Wrought Iron
Classic Lanterns
Classic Period of Am. Toolmaking

Clock Repairing as a Hobby
Coachmakers Illustrated Hand-Book
Collecting Antique Tools*
Collecting Tech*
Colonial Craftsmen
Colonial Silversmith*
Colonial Wrought Iron *
Compass Chronicles
Complete Bladesmith
Complete Dovetail
Complete Guide to Chair Caning
Complete Metalsmith
Construction & Principle Uses of Mathematical Instruments*
Contemporary Blacksmith
Contracting a Home
Cooper and His Trade, The
Country Blacksmith, The
Cowboys Complete Saddle Making
Creative Metal Forming
Custom Knifemaking
Cyril Colnik: Man of Iron

Damascus Steel
Decorative Architectural Ironwork
Decorative Ironwork
Decorative Ironwork of Italy
Decorative Knots
Decorative & Sculptural Ironwork
Dictionary of American Hand Tools

Dictionary of Leather Working Tools*
Dictionary of Woodworking Tools*
Direct Metal Sculpture
Directory of Am. Toolmakers CD-ROM *
Dover Stamping Co. 1869*
Driving Horse-Drawn Carriages
Early Am. Copper, Tin & Brass*
Early European Decorated Tools
Early Logging Tools
Easy-to-Build Adirondack Furniture

Engine's Moan, The*
Essential Guide to Carriage Driving
Everyday Artifacts

Fancy Knives
Farm Conveniences
Farm Mechanics
Fasc. World of Early Tools & Trades*
Faux Finishing
Field Guide to the Makers of Am Wooden Planes*
Fifty Years a Planemaker & User
Fine Woodworking Design Book Seven
Finishing a Basement
Fireplace Accessories

Forged Architectural Metalwork
Forging a Compass DVD
Forging a Custom Hinge DVD
Forging a Striking Knife DVD
Forging Basics DVD
Forging Damascus DVD
Forging Damascus Steel Knives for Beginners
From Fire to Form
From Forge and Anvil*
From Garden to Belfry

Gas Burners for Forages,
Furnaces, & Kilns*

Golden Age of Ironwork*
Great Collections
Great Sleds & Wagons

Greenfield Tool Co. 1872*
Grimshaw on Saws
Gruber Wagon Works
Guide To Makers of Am. Wood Planes*
Gurley Manual 1874*

H.Chapin 1859 Catalog*
Hammered Copper
Handbook for Ironmongers
Hand Planes for the Modern Shop
Handsaw Catalog Collection*
Handy Farm Devices
Handyman's Guide
Henry Disston & Sons Handbook*
Heritage of English Knives
History of Old Time Implement Cos. &
the Wrenches They Issued Vol. I, II, III

History of the First Locomotives in Am.*
History of The Logarithmic Slide Rule*
History on the Road
Holtzapffel Vol. I*, II*, III*, V

Home Evaluation
Home on the Road
Homemade Contrivances and How to Make Them
Horse-Drawn Commercial Vehicles
Horse-Drawn Days
Horse Drawn Sleighs, 2nd Edition*
Houses of St. Augustine
How to Build Animal Housing
How to Cast Small Metal & Rubber Parts
How to Make a Coopered Wooden Bucket
How to Make Knives

Inflagrante Collecto
Industrial Archaeology of the
Wood Wheel in America


Iron Menagerie*
Ironwork Today 1, 2, & 3
Ironwork: Dynamic Details
Italian Ironwork
John Deere Buggies and Wagons
Julius Schramm*

Just for Openers
Keen Kutter Planes
Kitchen Collectibles*

Kitchens & Baths

Last Train to Paradise
Leather Braiding
Lives Shaped By Steel
Living Crafts, Historic Tools

Lockback Folding Knife
Log Cabin
Loveless Legend

Made By Hand
Making a Copper Weathervane
Making Harness
Making Integral Knives
Making Leather Knife Sheaths
Making Wood Tools
Making Traditional Wooden Planes*
Making Working Wooden Locks
Master Bladesmith
Mastermyr Find, The*
Measure Twice, Cut Once
Mechanical Appliances...
Metal Lathe
Metal Techniques for Craftsmen
Metal Working
Metalworker's Workshop

Metalworking Trades in Early Am.*
Mind & Hand
Mid-Victorian Elwell Catalogue*
Millers Falls 1887 Catalog
Milling Machine
Modern Steam Engines*
More Makers of Am. Machinists' Tools*
Most Magnificent Machine
Motorcycles, Planes, & Revolutions
Mousehole Forge
Murlands Antique Tool Value Guide

Museum of Early American Tools
My Life As Artist-Blacksmith

Natural Art Forms
New Edge of the Anvil*
Norris Metal Planes
Old-School Woodshop Accessories
Old Ways of Working Wood
One Good Turn
Ore to Axe DVD
Ornamental Turning*

Pattern Book of Tools & Hshld Goods*
Pattern Makers Assistant*
Pattern-Welded Blade
Passion and Power
Paul Kebabian
Peck Stow & Wilcox Centennial*
Pioneer Plowmaker*
Plain and Ornamental Forging*
Plane Talk
Planemakers of Western PA*
Planer Truth*
Planning Project Construction
Plant and Floral Studies for Artists
Plumbing & Electrical
Pocket-Knife Making for Beginners
Pocket-Watch Slide Rules

Pole Building Projects
Practical Blacksmithing, Part 1
* & 2*
Practical Carriage Building*
Practical Carriage & Wagon Painting*
Practical Casting
Practical Knots & Ropework
Practical Surveyor, The
Prairie Lightning*
Precision Handcutting of Dovetails
Preston 1909 Catalog*
Price Guide to Antique Tools, 4E*
Prices Realized on Rare
Imprinted American Wooden Planes
Primitive Skills and Crafts
Professional Smithing*
Puzzle Projects for Woodworkers

Railroad History on Am. Postage Stamps*
Raising Chickens
Rebuilding the Little Giant Hammer
Record Tools*
Registry of Maine Toolmakers

Restoring Antique Tools*
Roofing & Siding
Root Cellars in America
Roycroft Decorative Accessories
The Rule Book*
Russell Jennings Manuf. Co. Catalog*

Samuel Yellin: Metalworker *
Sandusky Tools 1877 Catalog*
Sandusky Tools 1925 Catalog*
Sculpting Traditional Bowls
Self-Sufficiency Handbook
Sharpening With Waterstones
Sheds, DIY Guide
Shirt, Astragal Press
Sheet Metal Skills
Skills of a Blacksmith
Sleighs & Sleighbells DVD
Slide Rule: Simplified, Explained...*
Slide Rules: A Journey...*

Slide Rules: Their History...*
The Soul of a Tree

A Source Book for Rule Collectors
Splicing Wire & Fiber Rope
Springs for Horse-Drawn Vehicles
Stanley Catalog Collection*
Stanley Combination Plane*
Stanley Little Big Book
Stanley Woodworking Tools
Steel Girders and Steeplechases
Steel- Toolmaking Strategies & Techs.
Stone Primer
Storey's Basic Country Skills

Tales from the Blue Ox*
Tech of Medieval Armour Reproduction
This Was Logging
This Was Sawmilling
Tinsmith's Helper & Pattern Book*
Tool Chest of Benjamin Seaton*
Tool Tales*
Toolbox Book
Tools: A Guide for Collectors

Tools and Their Uses
Tools Teach
Tools That Built America
Town-Country Old Tools
Traditional Toolmaking
Treatise of Mathematical Instruments
Turn-of-the-Century Farm Tools
Turned Boxes
Turning Lathes*

Ult. Guide to Home Butchering

Universe of Metal Sculpture
The Village Carpenter

Vintage Woodworking Machinery*

Wagon-Making in the United States
Weapons of Warriors
Whips and Whipmaking
Wild & Wacky Birdhouses & Feeders
Windows & Doors
Wood Identification & Use
Woodcarving Magic
Wooden Plane*

Wooden Plow Planes*
Woodworkers Guide to Handplanes

Woodworkers Guide to Wood
Woodwright's Companion
Woodwright's Guide
Woodwright's Shop
Woodwright's Workbook

Working Drawings of Horse Drawn Vehicles
Wrought Iron

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