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The Slide Rule
Simplified, Explained and Illustrated
for the Mechanical Trades

Robert Riddell

Once again, Astragal Press has rescued an old and rare book from obscurity, allowing for the broad circulation of information previously limited to the select few who could afford access.


This book, first published in 1881, was written about the use of the first standard slide rule made in the United States: a Mannheim-type slide rule made by the Stephens Co., a major rule manufacturer.

Aimed primarily at carpenters and joiners, the book provides a wealth of fascinating instruction on the use of the slide rule in everything from making the calculations necessary for constructing circular porches and spiral stairways, to calculating wages owed or the cost of hauling lumber. Included as well are lovely plates illustrating geometric and trigonometric calculations used in construction. It is an invaluable source book for tool collectors, slide rule enthusiasts, and woodworkers.

88 pages, Paperback, B&W, 7" x10", 2002
Order Number: AP030............$14.95

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